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Assign key combo to action


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I just got my new keyboard today but can't find how to assign a key combination to an action.


I want CTRL+ALT+e to print a euro currency symbol.

Also, I have a sneaky suspicion it's not very easy to accomplish.


I don't get what the purpose is of assigning something to 1 key and then lose that particular key itself.


Would prefer not to use autohotkey when I just payed 145 euro for this qwerty board :o

(yes in Europe everything is more expensive for some reason)

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It is possible to set up modifier key combination key assignments, by setting the modifier key to switch to a different profile and then setting the second key's action within that profile.


See the tutorial at:



This should probably be a FAQ, as many people want to do this, and the method is not obvious; some people believe it impossible!

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hi, just checking if it is possible to create an euro symbol. I have the k63 but also ordered the k65 (both US layout). I like the fact that the numpad is gone thinking i never used it anyways but I actually used it to get the euro sign using ALT-0128. But now the numpad is gone I can not do this. I did not really dig into the icue software yet other then making some simple profiles. But I have to say the software is not really straightforward


Just checking if someone has some instructions how to create the euro symbol on a k63 or k65



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to answer my own question I used the example in this video:




1) create a macro.

2) I did not record anything as in the example but just assigned a key like they do at the end of the recording. They assign the key to G1, I assigned it to the left CTRL button.

3) then create another action like they do in the example and select a text action

4) Now in the text action "text settings" I just copied and pasted a symbol ==> you see it works :))

5) then you go back to the macro you just created and go to "advanced settings".

6) there you define the action trigger (while pressed) and for "second action" you link it to the text action you just created.

All these steps are in the video.


Works for me. Only thing is that I would rather assign this text to a more complicated key assembly, like CTRL-ALT-e or something like that since just the Left Ctrl button probably will give issues at some point. But it seems you can only assign a macro to a single key. I tried to assign it to multiple keys but doesnt seem possible.


Well ... I changed the assignment key already because the left Ctrl key I often use for zooming in and out so I assigned it to the right Ctrl button on my K63. It is not ideal, I rather have combination of keys assigned to the € symbol. If anyone know how to do it please let me know.


The € symbol itself I just copied from the windows "character map"


Another update: in the macro advanced settings you can turn on "retain original key output". So this seems good now. It is working and the original function is retained €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ :)


I just add this link for my own reference: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=981941 it is about the same topic on a deeper level. Will try what is suggested. Also installed AutoHotKey, works good but would rather do it in iCue

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