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Issue with Carbide Series case feet


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Hello everyone, nice to meet you.


First post here. :)


I have an issue with my Carbide Series case: the plastic feet broke (well... 2 of them, so I removed the other 2) and it seems that there is no way to have a new set shipped to Italy.


My model is this one:



I see there are other holes under the case, so I guess I can apply to it different kind of feet? In case, what's the best solution for adding feet to it?


Any advice would be very, very appreciated.


Thanks a lot.



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Be careful putting the front panel back on (the bit with the power buttons and reset that covers CD/DVD drives and front fans and stuff). When you put it back on make sure the clips are lined up with the holes and straight and not bent. I haven't snapped mine off yet, but my reset button is a little worse for wear on my Vengeance C70 as the little metal bit of spring steel decided to misbehave, though the reset button looks better made on that case you have than on my corsair case, which is the one with the ammo box clips Vengeance C70 (it has roughly the same internal layout).


Pretty good cases for the price. I've had reset buttons break on lots of cases, expensive ones too, and the odd power button. They are pretty easy to fix or replace though so not a big problem. Don't force things hard on cases, usually just something isn't lined up properly and a bit of patience prevents snapping off a plastic or metal clip.


The motherboard tray and hole behind CPU socket is great for quickly fitting quality heatsinks, and also the holes for cable routing make it much easier to tuck wiring behind the motherboard tray for easier hardware access and improved airflow. The quick release drive bays are also great and I haven't managed to break one yet.


An after market rail fitting for large heavy graphics cards would be welcome, but for the price I can't ask for the world and I've been happier with my Corsair case compared with other cases I've owned, that cost easily twice the price.

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