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Windows 10 mouse detection


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I'm using a Corsair Harpoon mouse on my Dell Inspiron 7559 with the CUE software installed. Everything works fine in terms of the mouse and the software, but for some reason Windows 10 detects that there is a mouse plugged in when I have the CUE software installed, even though the mouse is unplugged.


This causes issues with the 'Disable touchpad when mouse is plugged in' feature, causing the touchpad to not work at all with the CUE software running. Uninstalling the software does make the touchpad work as expected, but I'm now missing the profiles on the mouse.


Is this a known issue with the CUE software?

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The CUE software does use a virtual HID driver to run the macros. But this would be the first time i have seen the "Disable touchpad....plugged in" reported.


Is there are Fn key combination that can disable the touchpad? If so, It may be better to use that instead.

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Unfortunately the Dell 7559 doesn't have an Fn key combo for the touch pad, so the only way to toggle it would be to go through the settings panel in Windows 10 which is a bit of a pain every time.


I have no idea how I would go about adding my own shortcut to disable it, or if its even possible.

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Some things to try:



Easiest if you have X Window System already installed...

Install X (e.g. https://x.cygwin.com/).

The following command-line utility may allow you to enable/disable the touchpad, if X is running and you use have DISPLAY environment variable set:

xinput set-prop [touchpad ID] "TouchpadOff" 0 (or 1)

Find out the ID of your touchpad by running xinput without passing any arguments.


Option "TouchpadOff" "integer"

Switch off the touchpad. Valid values are:

0 Touchpad is enabled

1 Touchpad is switched off

2 Only tapping and scrolling is switched off

Property: "Synaptics Off"


Easiest if you do not have X Window System already installed...

Use nircmd or a .REG file to change the registry setting(s) corresponding to what changes when you enable/disable touchpad from control panel. (See example for "Disable Screensaver" in nircmd help.)


For hints on WHICH registry settings to change, see:

http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-turn-off-touchpad-when-mouse-is-connected-in-windows-78-1/ and http://windowsreport.com/disable-touchpad-mouse-connected-windows-10/

You can validate this by first looking at the registry after making the changes to via control panel. Once you see what the control panel applet does, you can create a .REG file from REGEDIT, set up a file association so REGEDIT reads it (or use NIRSOFT), and then you are set.


If this is overly technical, you can post on a forum dedicated to your own machine to get simpler instructions to the question, "How do I enable/disable my touchpad from the command line?"


This issue seems to be likely to be off-topic for Corsair and more likely to be a Human-Interface-Device (HID) detection bug on your computer's side, but I hope to reassure you that there is certainly ways to make it so that you can do a simple command-line program to use as a workaround.

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Sorry to bring this back up, but is it possible to configure and save the DPI profiles to the mouse to overwrite the ones currently saved to it?


That way I could install the software to configure the mouse and then remove the software when I'm done.

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