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Warning Temperature Setting for H100i V2


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Hi Everybody,


Recently built myself a new gaming rig. Things seems to be working well. I've got one of the new i7-7700k processors, and ASUS Z270E motherboard, and a H100i V2 cooler, which I'm pretty sure I installed correctly. I even disabled my BIOS so I can use Corsair Link!


I set up my profiles in Corsair Link, but I notice the liquid temp warning is 45 degrees C. I have defintely gone past this temperature, and I was wondering: 1) am I overheating my liquid temp and causing damage to the system/cooler? or 2) is this just a low factory setting, and it's fine to set it more at 60 degrees C.


My CPU never gets above 65ish degrees C, and that's during a stress test. I've certainly never seen it above 70 degrees. The backplate is installed correctly, and the screws are very snug on the cooling pump. Just trying to be careful with my new toy.


Best, AJB

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I notice the liquid temp warning is 45 degrees C.


Specifying the coolant temperature as 45°C does not really help unless you also specify the room/case temperature, what case you have, where the cooler is installed in the case and if it's inlet or exhaust.


It would also help to complete your PC specs and attach the CL4 [home] tab which sometimes shows other issues and could be a factor.

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