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H100i Suddenly Noisy, and CPU temp >70 at idle


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I have a Corsair Hydro H100i installed to cool my i5 4670K.

It's been running smoothly for ~2 years now.

Then suddenly the fans started to be a lot more noisy than previously which made me suspect something was wrong.

I checked the temps with Corsair Link and found the following.

This is when no other programs were running.


CPU temp: 70 degrees

Fan: 1300 rpm

Pump: 1300 rpm

Liquid temp: 65 degrees


I tried changing mode from quiet - balanced - performance which made little difference apart from increasing the fan rpm.


Can anyone help me identify what the problem could be?


Best regards,

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The pump speed should be about 2,250 RPM so it must have failed.


Request an RMA via https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp and remember to upload your original invoice. You may wish to ask for an express RMA so they send you a new cooler and then you return the old cooler.


The temperatures are excessive and I would not use the system 'till the cooler has been replaced and advise you not to.


The CoolIT H100i is no longer available and I suspect they will offer you an Asetek H100iV2. In you position I would ask for a CoolIT H110i as the Asetek H100iV2 firmware is a downgrade from the CoolIT H100i firmware, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=796027.

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