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corsair k95 rgb mapping G keys Cue 2


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Hi, after uninstalling Cue2 and trying to reinstall Cue1 i hit an issue that won't allow me to reinstall cue 1 so now im back to having to use Cue2

My issue.

Im adding actions Remap Key but i see no option to remap the G keys. I see the ability to remap the typing keys, numpad, symbols the F keys and the mod keys but no G keys. How can this be done in Cue2


The reason i ask is that im using 3 profiles with my music recording software. Profile 1 is dedicated to the recording of music, Profile 2 is the editing of the music and Profile 3 is for the mixing.

The limitation i found with Cue1 was that if i mapped keyboard shortcuts to the QWERTY keys i could no longer use them to type with (example I mapped Ctrl+S to the S key but when i needed to type text that included the S key it wouldn't work because i'd mapped it). So what i want to do is map keyboard shortcuts to the G keys to avoid this issue.

Also is there a way in Cue2 to Copy to all Layers? I found that this was a handy shortcut to not have to repeat programming the same action to all of my 3 profiles

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Do you not see the Gkeys on the picture of the keyboard in cue2?

Or maybe they are greyed out or something?


Just for reference, this is what I do to bind keys. It is no different than


In cue2 I create an action on the left side. Lets name it "Apples new A->B RemapKey #1"

I Left click on the action so it becomes highlighted (In Yellow).

I notice the empty black square to the left of my action name. Kinda looks like this:

[ ] | A->B | "Apples new A->B RemapKey #1"

I then Left Click on the G11 key in the picture of the keyboard.

The binding is set to G11.

I know this because the black box now says the key that the action is bound to and looks like this:

[ G11 ] | A->B | "Apples new A->B RemapKey #1"


As far as I know, only the actions made to switch profiles can be set to assign it to all profiles (or you can choose which profiles it effects/skips)


It is possible that you need update the firmware for it to recognize the GKeys?

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