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Confused some...hope you can shed some light.


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Ok, I have the K70 RGB keyboard roght now.


I understand the newer strafe and lux models have the new led processor for flickering on 16.8 mil colors.


I just saw the demo of the new k95 plat.


I have never been able to get my k70 to accomplish a profile to which i purchased it for. Don't believe cue2 will do it as well. I have made other postings on this, so no need to repost here.


What I am asking about, before I purchase the newer style is if I can do this on the keyboard. I'll stick to the K70 if it will work.


Ok, using FSX flightsim for example. Could I create profiles that would illuminate only keys needed for those functions.


Example I make all keys for autopilot to be purple. Could i create a key that would just show my autopilot keys when that key pressed.


Also, I wanted to color code the keyboard for other sim functions as well. Like using red for engine stuff etc. So at a glance I could see my entire color scheme on the keyboard, then when needing specific functions ie engines, i would press a key and only the red engine keys would illuminate.


Im trying to base this on the old rubber keyboard overlays that were made in the past.


If I got yhe K95 plat. would I use the g keys to accomplish this profile(s)


This might be a work around for what i've been trying to do with the keyboard since I purchased it.


Apologies for lengthy post. Want to give enough detail to understand everything.


Thank You for any insight.



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It should possible to do what you want. There may be a better way to do it, but i'll give you a brief start.


You will have;

-A "default" profile for FSX to allow you to type normally in menus, etc, with a unused key that will be used to switch to the "in-game" profile.

-The "in-game" profile will be the profile with multiple profile switching actions that will switch between your "autopilot" and "engine" profile.

-Autopilot profile with your desired lighting layout and a profile switching action to return to the "in-game" profile.

-Engine profile which will be setup similarly to the autopilot profile.



You can take a look at the unofficial CUE 2 manual as it may help;


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