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Problems with VS1GBKIT400 on MSI PT880 NEO-FSR


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I am running the Value Select 1gb kit (2 x 512) on my MSI PT880 NEO-FSR motherboard at the default settings. I am having problems when I put the system on high load, namely graphicly instense games. When I run HL2, it either reboots the system after a minute or the game crashes. The system will hang with lots of windows open, etc.


When I run the Windows Memory Diagnostic I am getting errors on the LRAND test and it fails.


I had one set of this ram, thought it was faulty, and I RMA'ed it, so this is the second set of memory I have. I tried running it at 400 and 333 and no change.


please help? :)

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CPU is P4 3.2ghz FSB 800


As far as bios and performance settings, here's a bunch, i hope i have what you need to determine the problem.


CPU Ratio Selection Locked

CPU FSB Clcok 200mhz (says 800 on sidebar)

DDR 400 (1:1)

DRAM Frequency 400mhz


CPU Voltage Adjust +0.00v

AGP Voltage Adjust Auto

DDR Voltage Adjust Auto


The Ram Timing is all set to auto, but the auto timings are 3-4-4-9


Internal Chache Enabled

Hyper Threading Function Enabled

Top Performance Disabled

PCI Delay Transaction Disabled

USB Legacy Support Disabled


And there is a setting for Main Graphics something or other, and it was defaulted to PCI, i set it to AGP tho since I'm using AGP graphics card. Wasn't sure if that made a difference...


Let me know if you need anything else. Right now I'm actually having a hard time booting into windows. It will boot the bios and ram check and whatnot, but won't go past the dark screen before the windows screen usually comes up. Oh, I'm running XP by the way.

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Oh, I forgot, I've tried both dual channel and single, at both 400 and 333, still having same problems. And I should also mention that I'm having the exact same problems with both sets of ram that I received, so I'm positive its settings or compatability.
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