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K70 often register keypress double


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I got a Corsair Gaming K70 LUX RGB MX last year, and I've been facing some weird issues lately.


Sometimes when writing, a keypress is registered twice. This happens quite often, actuallyy. (JJust happened here, twice). I'm not pressing the keys twice.


Sometimes, it happens like this example:

exeample - the key registers AFTER I've let go of the 'e' button, then pressed x, and another 'e' is registered. I'm typing around 100 WPM, and I'm very sure that I'm not just accidently pressing the key twice as I've also tried typing slower. This also happens with numbers on they numpad.


What could be causing this issue?

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If the key presses are being registered twice, this is a case of key chatter which is related to the actual switch themselves. I would suggest forcing the FW update again or call into tech support for a hard reset to see if it helps. If not, this unit will need to be replaced.
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Hi Henry. Thanks for your reply!


I read something about chatter, and someone recommended a program that could check for chatter when pressing keys. This program was called Switch Hitter.

After typing for 5 minutes, there wasn't any chatter registered at all. I've already forced the firmware update twice.


Do Corsair have an office in Denmark? Calling international is quite expensive :)

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Did you change the chatter threshold on switchhitter?


Switchhitter is an invaluable tool. You can use it with Joytokey to test for chatter on **arcade joystick microswitches** that use replaceable Sanwa, Seimitsu or Kuro / Hori button switches, that would otherwise be hard to detect. I used it to detect and then clean the Sanwa microswitches on my modded Qanba and madcatz fightsticks, then sprayed Deoxit D5 in the large microswitch buttons (that have removeable covers to get inside the microswitch) and bam: no more chatter whatsoever.


You can't really open the button switches as they aren't serviceable, just the joystick lever switches.


Sorry for going off topic, but that could be very useful to some people.

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