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Will the corsair K70/K95/Strafe RGB Cherry MX Blue keyboards ever return?


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Hello! I've been looking for an rgb keyboard from corsair with cherry blues for a while now. I currently have the Strafe RGB with silent switches and I love it, but the silent switches aren't for me. The only other RGB options I have are the Razer Blackwidow Chroma(I hate razer, plus they aren't even cherry switches) and the Masterkeys pro series but they just look too boring to me. I love corsair keyboards and would really like to buy an mx blue rgb keyboard. Does anyone know if they will ever come back or where I can get them? Thanks in advance.
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If you searched you would have found the same answer I'm going to give you right now :):



Blue switches batches of keyboards are done from time to time with no set timeframe, if you want to be notified when one is available subscribe to the Corsair newsletter, that is the only way to know when a new batch comes out. They usually sell those directly from the corsair.com site only.

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MX Blue RGB Switches have had questionable quality for awhile now. The iKBC F87 and F108 white and black case keyboards have been available in blue, but sometimes go out of stock also, but the blues on them are very inconsistent, often scratchy, loud or some weak clicks, even though they do improve with use.


I believe all new stock of MX RGB Blues have been bought up by Ducky and Vortex, as the current Shine 6 keyboards have MUCH more consistent blues than the iKBC. And it's clearly a new batch by Cherry, because the keys sound different with both clicks and bottoming out, with the exact same keycaps used. The iKBC has a much louder bottoming out sound and sounds harsher, while the Shine 6 has a much softer and more muted bottoming out sound.


Needless to say, new batches are available and are much more consistent. The question is, did Ducky buy them all out or something...because there used to be almost NO availability of MX Blue RGB Shine 5s for months (any that were available were preorders), while tons of shine 6 RGB Blues are available.


I think someone at Corsair should contact Cherry about this.



I Just decided to compare the click with the keycap removed in the shine 6, and the iKBC, on the right CTRL key, and also with the cap on.


assuming you are pressing the key from the middle or towards the bottom, the Shine 6 has a VERY crisp, fast click without any lingering effect, it's like the click feels fast and "bam, done." Of course if you press the switch at the "top", you get a much worse click and a dirty feel, since the clicker is at the bottom anyway. That's long been an issue even on non RGB clickys, though not every switch will do that.


The iKBC has a "somewhat longer" click, as if the slider were catching on something or taking longer to do the entire click. It's hard to explain in words, though. Not all keys on the iKBC are like this but MANY keys are. The Shine 6 is remarkably consistent. I don't think I've had a keyboard that consistent since the Ducky Fire 69 I still own, with heavenly MX Green clicks.

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