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AXi Series AX1500i Keeps Failing


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Curious if this is just me, or if anyone else has had issues with the AXi Series AX1500i PSU.


I'm now on my third one which we are awaiting delivery on because stock has run out at Memory Express.


Luckily I have an IPR with them, so the PSU is replaced over the counter while they take care of the RMA.


the AXi Series AX1500i PSU is suppose to be the best on the market, why is it that there is so many lemons?


• 1st PSU failed after 10 months of use, when it began to fail, the computer would just randomly shut down even on idle. This potentially is what caused my Motherboard and my CPU to fail, and was replaced.


• 2nd PSU, every LED would flicker sending random jolts of electricity through the computer and it's components, I still do not know if this has caused any sort of damage to my components.


Others issues it was causing, while the computer was turned on the power was inefficient to run in SLI mode. There was also a huge CPU power draw back. and CPU + GPU overheating issues while the system was turned on with this particular PSU.


• 3rd PSU will be a mystery, but I am hoping the QC unit which worked on the PSU was much better.


My IPR is good until 2018, so luckily if i get another Lemon, it will be covered. I do not want to deal with RMA because of the long turn around time.


Fix your Quality Control.

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It seems that everyone is getting Issues right now...


I got my AX1500i on Mon 12-May-2014 and it's been running 24/7 most of the time since then.


That said I expect it has bugs in it's firmware that like all issues Corsair show zero interest in fixing ao will probably be the last Corsair PSU I ever buy.

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