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Some Flash Voyager Questions


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Different capacities have different memory on the USB2.0 drives. Our read/write throughput is one of the best on the market. We do have plans for a 2 GB product that should be on the market in the near future. The life expectancy of flash is one of the most misunderstood parameters of this non-volatile storage technology. All types of flash memory have a specified life expectancy. It is not measured in years. Instead the life expectancy is measured in the number of erase cycles that each erase unit in the flash

device can undergo. Therefore we need to find a way to correlate the number of erase cycles with the life expectancy of the USB drive measured in years. Our 10 year warranty on USB Flash is the best in the industry.

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Different capacities have different memory on the USB2.0 drives. Our read/write throughput is one of the best on the market.


We will use any memory that meets our performance standards based on availability. Because this may vary from week to week we can not specify what memory we will be using. All USB2.0 drives will continue to have the same high performance or better no matter what memory is used. The reviews have shown Read/Write throughput on par or better than almost every solution on the market.




Currently available in capacities from 128MB all the way up to 1GB, the Flash Voyager is one hot new product from Corsair Memory. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only USB flash drive that utilizes a rubber casing and claims to be water resistant. After using the Corsair Flash Voyager drive on a continual basis for a couple weeks, it still looks brand new and functions perfect. The rubber casing is probably the most unique feature that I have noticed about the drive. Highly Recommended



If you don't already own a Flash drive and are thinking about getting one, my own personal belief is that you'll have a struggle to buy better than the Voyager. Recommended



The rubber casing makes the Flash Voyager extremely durable and if you're hard on your components you won't have to worry about the Corsair Flash Voyager breaking! We dropped it down a flight of stairs which didn't even leave a mark on the USB drive, and was good to go when we got back into the office. The only things we have to complain about are purely cosmetic, the rubber casing is sticky and a magnet for dirt and dust. If you're looking for one of the fastest USB 2.0 drives on the market, the Corsair Flash Voyager is exactly what the doctor ordered!




Corsair’s entry to the USB 2.0 flash drive market is definitely most welcomed. With their Flash Voyager series they were able to bring very fast flash drives to the end users. These high performance, high speed USB 2.0 flash drives makes working with such devices a breeze. Data read/write time is reduced making your work much more efficient. Transferring data to and from this unit is the fastest we have seen on any USB flash drives we have used to date. Top Pick

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Does Micron or another US based company make the Flash memory you use?


:D: Now I remember why I recognize you. No, the memory on our Flash products are not manufactured in the US. We have not looked at or considered Micron flash products for use.

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We look at every possible solution available to us. We are a memory company looking for speed and reliability. We selected the different memories that we use based on those two factors. If someone (i.e. Micron) comes out with a faster part we will always evaluate its performance for future products.
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