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570X improving aesthetics


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Just got mine in the mail last week and I must say that Corsair did an excellent job with the aesthetics. Crystal 570X is hands down the best looking case that I've ever seen. I have a few minor gripes with this case however, which I'm sure have already been brought to your attention;


1. The PSU cover, which actually looks like you ran out of budget, as it's open exposing wiring and all. It does already have holes for screws though so with a small piece of metal with a small cable passthrough it would be rather easy for anyone to close it off.


2. The back of the case is see-through, again exposing wires. I understand that this was part of the design and the cable cover was a great addon. I just wish it was more complete with an option to cover up everything. The tempered glass panel could've also been smoked, although I'm sure someone would have an issue with that too. :roll:


3. The way 3,5 inch drives are displayed is a bit hit and miss. Actually it's just miss. Could be fixed with a full metal cover though. Or just throwing them out altogether, which I plan to do next week.


The biggest issue by far is #1. Would it be totally impossible for corsair to manufacture an additional piece of metal to cover the PSU cover completely, seeing everyone seems to think it's the only major flaw with this case? I'd do it myself, but I lack the tools to work steel. Any suggestions to perfect the looks of this stunning case are most welcome.

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I think I'm getting the case in spite of the shroud. But I hate it. I loathe it so much I'm considering doing a piss poor job of modding it myself or paying V1-Tech $150.00 bucks to redo the entire basement. Or does that tell you how much I would love to build in this case? I'd really prefer that $3 option from Corsair.


Regarding the back panel... I disagree. I've seen some gorgeous builds in this case and the first thing I want to see is there cable management in the back. Some of those builds are works of art because of the time they've devoted to sleeving, pathways, lite mods etc. Only the worthy can make it sexy.

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