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Possible solutions for those unable to activate XMP on ASUS Z170 and Z270 boards


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For those ASUS (and maybe applied to others) motherboard owners, i had a similar issue that ive seen in this forum so frequently, and found no answer yet





My board:



(and other specs in my profile)


Unable to activate XMP profile, not even POST after reboot, disabling XMP would give no boot problems but ram stays stuck at 2133mhz while mine is 3200mhz in capacity

I even tried updating BIOS, nothing.


What made it work:

In the BIOS: Set all Fan profiles from normal to Turbo. (All, Case Fans and Cpu fans), and then try to XMP.

Apparently ASUS boards have this weird safe protection that would not let me enable XMP unless the fan profiles are higher than normal to avoid possible overheating


Anyways thats all we did and it works!!! RAM at 3200mhz no issues whatsoever and 5 days have passed since then and all good.


Let me know if this information helps anyone else!

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I don't own this board, but from the number of posts of people complaining about this, I would've thought you'd have tons of responses already. I haven't seen this solution proposed anywhere else.


I know right? Haha

Well it did work for me and I had the exact same symptoms... If anyone who has the same issues could try it would be great to know if it did or did not work for you!

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