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2017 gaming PC build plans: Ryzen & X370 vs Skylake-X & X299?

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I know that neither of these are released yet and we don't have all the details. I'm still running a Xeon/X58 gaming machine and have no troubles playing Battlefield 1 at a mix of high & ultra settings 1080p. That said, this year I will be building a new rig. I am now deciding whether I want to go back to AMD for the first time in almost 10 years with Ryzen & X370 or wait for Skylake-X & X299. Whatever I choose, it will be the absolute newest platform available from AMD or Intel to ensure longevity.


I anxiously await the reviews and comparing the performance against current platforms and each other. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Any speculation in regards to what we can expect performance wise from X370 and X299? I would expect either one to be a nice performance boost all around.

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Luckily, Ryzen benchmarks are beginning to appear - this helped my decision, at least.


I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I've been on X58 since 2010, and now I feel it's finally time for an upgrade. I chose to pre-order an R1800X simply because of three overall factors - mentioned below. Remember, though, that the kind of work you expect to be doing on your PC should factor heavily into your choice.


I've always found that CPU was no real bottleneck in gaming (and that a simple OC could fix any bottleneck that appeared) compared to the GPU, so I have discounted gaming benchmarks (even though they may be impressive on Ryzen - this is still unclear). My choice was simple from a price/performance perspective.


There are three factors that made me go AM4:

- Price/performance vs. Intel

- Affordable 8/16 Processors means boosting other workloads apart from gaming

- AM4 socket is guaranteed to last until 2020 - making a CPU upgrade in the same motherboard a very real possibility. Going from X58 (LGA1366), I want to be sure that I don't make that mistake again :)

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