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bad cmx512-3200c2 module


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I received this memory stick as a christmas gift. After sliding it into the slot, I unsuccessfully attempted to power up. Within a few seconds of pushing the power button on my computer, I smelled something burning. I immediately pulled the main power plug from the computer. When I pulled the memory stick form the mobo, it was smoking a bit and i could see that one of the contacts was burned. I have two other sticks of this same memory installed in my mobo and have never had a problem with either. Once I pulled the bad stick, I restarted my computer and everything ran fine. My mobo is ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe. My CPU is AMD 2800+. All three sticks were purchased from Zipzoomfly online retailer. The bad stick was purchased on 12/15/04. The 2 good sticks were purchased back in Aug. 2003. I have the invoices/receipts for all. Please advise with an RMA#. Thank you.
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