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Vengeance V2100 charging


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I purchased this model in September 2016 and I can't say enough how happy I am. I know there are lots and lots of complaints about it (maybe I have crappy ears, i don't know).


Anyway since day 1 I have been using a phone charger to charge this (have never used my PC for this). So far it works great, the charger is a 2.0a as was suggested. Am I hurting the battery by keeping it plugged in all the time like that even after its fully charged?


So far since 9-30-2016 it's been perfect using that system but I just started to wonder after hearing people having issues.


I so want to keep this because I couldn't even find it anywhere at first. I've been using the 1500V2 for years and loved it but I wanted to get rid of the cord so I wanted the exact same model minus the cord. I tried the "new" H2100 and they changed the shape and material of the padding and I hated it :( It hurt my ears after about a 1/2hr, just terrible. I searched and searched and finally found it so I would hate to have to find another one.


So anyway that is my question, thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this for me

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