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Corsair H110i GT Liquid cooler FAN 1 of 2 Haywire


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The problem is

As soon as I startup my pc, the two Top fans (cpu cooler fans) speeds goes to 100% constantly and don't go back down to 30%-50% down after that, its not as quiet as it was a few months ago, BIOS has been reset, the fans are plugged in onto the mobo directly. I was able to control it through corsair Link program previously but it doesnt work anymore... Where do I start searching for the problem (btw only 1 is running at 100% constantly.) (FAN1 2395rpm and FAN2 770rpm)


How do I fix this issue?


Corsair Link Latest update

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1


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  1. the fans are plugged in onto the mobo directly.
  2. Corsair Link Latest update


  1. They need to be plugged into the H110iGT for CL4 to control them. If you wish the BIOS to control them then OK, but I suspect the BIOS is not setup correctly, post the setup screen shots.
  2. You only think this, specify the version number.
  3. The H110iGT is not even showing up in CL4. Do Devices and Printed or Device Manager report it? It should be in the HID section of Device Manager but you need have to check all the IDs as it's not got a sensible name.
  4. From what you have posted I can't even guess what may be wrong.

The SIV [uSB Bus], [Link Devices] and [Link Status] panels allow the root cause of many hardware issues to be determined and resolved. If you need help with a CL hardware issue I recommend attaching these screen shots to your post.
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Sorry I'm not advanced user... But You sir! Thank you! You are a genius, I went to Device Manager and It appeared as unknown, did windows update (after I had to google what the stuff you said and the words meant)


The USB was plugged in but not recognized so I reinstalled ALL of my motherboard drivers, Then in DM in the HID section, Properties Update driver and BOOM it worked.


Here was a detailed discussion of what I followed.



If it weren't for you I would have never found the issue cause I did not know where to look.


Thank you

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