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Not detected Strafe Red Mx Brown


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Hi guys :biggrin:,


I'm having some troubles with my new kerboard, It's not detected on my computers, no matter what I tried, still not working. The keyboard just lightsup when I plugged in, but doesn't write anything at all.


I have tried to plugged in into the usb 3.0 with the "keyboard" connector, I tried to plug both usb connectors on usb 3.0, tried one 2.0 and the other on the 3.0. I mean, I tried everything. A just format my computer and nothing.

I try to use it in my other computer... nothing.


I just want to check all the posibbilities because I buyed the keyboard via Amazon but I live in Colombia, so the shipping from my country to USA it cost the same than the other new keyboard, it makes no sense to send it and wait if the new one will works or not.


So, I know I'm beign very optimistic still waitting for a solution but, Do you have any other idea what can I do? :[pouts:


My PC use windows 10 pro and my laptop win 8.1


Thanks in advances guys :)

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Thanks for the answer.


I tried that too but is still not working :(


I have an open thread with corsair but the they don't have some solution more than send the keyboard back.


Like I said, is better to buy a new one than send the keyboard back because is so much expesive :(


IS very weird, because the keyboard lightsup all the time... It's like it's locked or something.

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I can't type with it, I have to use another to do it.


I checked for the bios and USB drivers. I had Win 10 home edition and now that I format I buyed the Pro edition, I have the last update for the OS and the GPU. Also I tried in another PC with win8.1 and nothing. Simply the OS doesn't detect the keyboard.


I'm having this crazy idea, but maybe Do these keyboards have some way to lock them?I know is crazy, but I still refuse to think that this has no solution.

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Same, I've about had it with corsairs entire line of RGB products. Support sucks, when I went to RMA my keyboard I had to argue to get them to pay shipping, around 40 dollars, and explained to them if I'm going to pay 40 dollars shipping I'd be better suited to buy a competitors keyboard for a fraction of the price of the one I'm having issues with, the one I invested in assuming it'd stand the test of time.


That was not the case. Less then a year later, it refused to update firmware, wouldn't display ANY lighting profiles, and was double entering keys upon a single press. (Passwords were almost impossible to get right ; extremely frustrating when it's your only keyboard) I received my new keyboard yesterday, the one I sent in had the wrist rest on the front of it ; Corsair did not send one back to me. The new keyboard STILL won't display ANY imported lighting profiles, aside from the default or no lights at all.

I'm done here. I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, I own corsair everything so it pains me to say I will never purchase another corsair keyboard, mouse, or headset again. As far as RAM and other components go, I haven't had a problem. My case is corsair, corsair cooling block, corsair ram, it all works great, went together great, no issues at all.

It's a good keyboard in its youth, I cant say much for its life span. Extremely disappointed with Corsair. I hope I never have an issue with my hardware, because the RMA process for this keyboard took over 2 months and it was a P-A-I-N.


It's odd, I remember when I first got my STRAFE RGB, it plugged in, I went and downloaded some profiles, imported them, they showed right up, customized them a bit, saved them, defaulted the profiles, worked great for months. Even had macros, custom DPI, everything worked just as it should. its been over half a year since that has been the case. What a waste of $120 - an RGB keyboard without the RGB.


I don't mean to rage here, but this has been my experience with the STRAFE RGB. I'm not sure if its JUST the strafe, but either way, I won't gamble on it and go buy a k70. I'll buy a pitch black mechanical keyboard from another company with NO lights on it and be done with the headaches - and corsairs barely usable utility manager software. Shoulda known better, really. This many LEDs on anything computer related are usually a red flag.


Its like going to a car lot and buying the car with the ground effects and stereo system, then you get it on the highway and the engine blows. You're pissed, but your the dumb *** that bought into it. :sigh!:


I got an old dell keyboard for 99 cents at goodwill from the late 90s that has been more reliable than this thing.

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You can access BIOS mode on the STRAFE by pressing F1 then the Windows lock key.




Not that it would change anything, Some profiles that are on the forum/RGB Share were created quite a while ago and have not been updated to support the newer versions of CUE.

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