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Question on CUE availability


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I couldn't quite find this on the internet so I ended up here.


This is about the NON-RGB versions of the K70, so that's the regular K70 vengeance and the K70 LUX.


The K70 has a third button at the top for some hardware-sided lighting options, as there can't be used any software for that. As far as I know, the K70 LUX does NOT have that third button, but just the brightness and win-lock buttons. So does the K70 LUX support the CUE software and lighting options through CUE? Not like the RGB versions obviously, since the non-RGB LUX is either red or blue - but can you still add effects to that one color through CUE?


If that is NOT the case, that means that the regular K70 has more effects than the K70 LUX (custom selected keys illuminated & the reactive typing mode). I'm really all about that reactive lighting mode and don't want to get an RGB, that's why I'm asking.



Thanks in advance,


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