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Do The Ram Guy Is Right On This?


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I asked the RAMGUY what memory is compatible with my ASUS A7N8X motherboard and the answer was ONE SINGLE KIND of expensive type of memory even tho

there are different models made by CORSAIR that will fit on my motherboard at different prices(I found out that by researching on my own). Why does your system have to push one single kind of module?


What is the level of confidence you have on your VALUE SELECT series that you do not list as an opcion ALONG the more expensive modules you do sugest to use?....


Is the RAMGUY programed to push specific models?...or should it give all the choices compatible with a motherboard with a bit of info about each one so one can decide by itself according to purpose and budget.

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First thing, If you want to know about a specific part and a specific MB then ask away. But if you ask me for my suggestions I will always suggest a better or faster module. I do not as a rule give low and high end suggestions unless you specifically ask for that. If you want a list of compatible modules I would suggest you visit our memory configurator and enter the make and model of MB you have for a complete list!
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