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Problem with Corsair Link and Motherboard Temp


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Try for this file after the translation to Arabic


Thank you. I fixed the layout, changed two x " of " and got as below. Are the words correct?


Right to Left text causes strange effects and I am unsure what to do about this. Do you have any advise on how to deal with this please?




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Try now


8-way 64-byte

8- طرق 64- بايت

this in file



I'm added Technology 3nm on last line in the new file


7nm, 5nm, 3nm: The new materials and transistors that will take us to the limits of Moore’s law



SIV Arabic V2.txt

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I will add 3nm in time and will need to update all the languages.


Changing "way" to "8- ØÑÞ 64- ÈÇíÊ" will not help.


I think I need to embed Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left information and am none too clear what this needs to be. Doing what http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24732228/words-shuffle-when-arabic-and-english-words-are-in-a-same-string?noredirect=1&lq=1 says does not do what I wish to do.

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look at that







UTF-8 encoded strings

A UTF-8 encoded string is a u8-prefixed, double-quote delimited, null-terminated array of type const``char[n], where n is the length of the encoded array in bytes. A u8-prefixed string literal may contain any graphic character except the double quotation mark ("), backslash (\), or newline character. A u8-prefixed string literal may also contain the escape sequences listed above, and any universal character name.




const char* str1 = u8"Hello World";

const char* str2 = u8"\U0001F607 is O:-)";



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You don't seem to understand what I am asking and anyway SIV64X.exe is Unicode rather than ASCII/UTF-8.


I though you might just know, but never mind I will have to figure it out...


To switch language do Menu->Edit->Language->.... You may also wish to look at Menu->Help->SIV Languages.


It's half there in the SIV 5.15 release, but some things are still in English which I will change once I sort out the inappropriate word ordering.


The ordering is OK on W10 RS2 Build 15014, but slightly wonky on W7 Build 7601. Please will you switch to Arabic and then post screen shots of the SIV initial + STC Info screens so I can see how W8.1 does?

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But some words are not translated in the entire program


Thank you for checking. I had to remove some of the words as strange things happed with the RTL/LTR rendition. I will try and restore them when I have time. As for translating the whole of SIV this would be a huge undertaking and I do not plan to do this. As long as the initial page is native then I feel this is enough for now.


I noticed SIV is reporting some of your disk drives twice on the [sMART] page. Yours is the only system I have seen this effect on and it only happens on some systems that have >= 2 CSMI RAID controllers. I have been pondering how to fix this and inspiration struck me today. Please will you drop the attached CSMI-04 test SIV64X on top of the Beta-03 and generate new save files for me so I can check the fix works before I release Beta-04? Let SIV run for >= 15 minutes before generating the save files.

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Thank you. The change worked as I hoped and SIV just reported all the drives once.


You included SIV64X.exe in SIV64X-20 Minutes.zip, please remove the zip file attachment from your post so others can't get the test version of SIV.


I just tried to check what has changed and this is almost impossible as the latest SIV file is in Arabic. It would be good to have one in English.


You also put the test SIV64X.exe into C:\Users\zahrah\Desktop\SIV64X\ when it needs to be in C:\Users\zahrah\Desktop\siv_beta\ to be on top of the SIV 5.16 Beta-03. Please move it.


SIV 5.16 Beta-04 is now available so I suspect it's easier for you just to update the Beta-04.


I also recommend you put all version of SIV into C:\Program Files\SIV\ rather than a multitude of desktop folders.


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