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H80i v2 start-up issues.


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After installing the cooling system I attempted to turn my computer on, but it shut down after about 10 seconds or less. Nothing showed up on the monitor either. I started it again after a minute or so and it made its way to the Bios menu. I adjusted everything and then attempted to boot up again and it just shut down again. I started it up again and it slipped the bios this time and went straight to Windows. I did a system check and everything seemed normal. Then I downloaded and installed the LINK software...


After exploring that and setting it up I used the computer for a little bit. I began to get annoyed with the mild rattling sound coming from the fans. I shut the computer down. Made sure I had everything properly attached and clicked in. Then it started giving me issues going from just a black screen and never loading the bios. After a few attempts I finally got through, but then it said my windows couldn't find a necessary file to start.


At this point I was so annoyed I just agreed to restore the computer to a previous working state. It began to restart and started just doing it all over again. I have tried multiple times now and it continues to refuse to load windows or finish restoring. After researching I've found that this isn't an isolated issue and that there seems to be a lot of people who experience start-up issues after installing one of these cooling systems of various models.


Here's everything I have tried:


-Reseating the graphics card.

-Removing the cooler and re-installing it

-Reseating the Ram

-unplugging the USB2 from the cooler

-removing the processor and checking for bent pins, nothing

-restoring windows (where I am stuck-it won't move past the please wait page)


I'm losing my mind. This has become a seemingly complex issue compared to what I thought was going to happen when I started my day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!






Asus Rig Maximum VIII Ranger

32 gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060

Intel ssd 480gb

WD 7200rpm HDD 1tb

Corsair CX Series 750watt psu

Corsair Carbide 200r tower

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After waiting over an hour for Windows to restore itself I shut my comp down and disconnected and reconnected everything and I was able to push through and finally get to Windows after a few attempts.


I am afraid to restart or shut down in fear it might be difficult to make my way back to Windows.


I have checked everything in Device Manager and it says that everything is working properly. The computer is running fine, other than the fact that the fans in the H80i will randomly ramp up intensely in speed and then drop back down. It is loud and frustrating.


Does anyone have any idea or recognize any of these issues? I built this PC about 8 months ago and it was my first build. This is the first time I am having issues so any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am almost considering returning the cooler and reverting back to an air flow system. Advice?

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I have wasted the past three days of my life fooling around with this piece of trash.


Get my computer starting on the regular, but the damn thing has the most annoying buzz. Along with that it just randomly ramps up on the lightest of workloads (opening firefox, starting up, shutting down). I haven't even gotten a chance to test it out while gaming! I can only imagine.


Judging by how many youtube videos and the extensive search results, Corsair just can't seem to get this thing right.


Thanks for nothing but a headache.

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The fans ramping up and down sounds like they are set to match the cpu temp rather than the AIO water temp. If you are using Asus software (fan Xpert) you can introduce a delay (I use 12 seconds) so that the fans won't continue to ramp up. If you are using Link, you need to change the settings from the cpu to the cooler.
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