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Any realistic hope of Gunmetal MX Brown?


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I really, really want the gunmetal K95 Platinum. I've been mourning the demise of the old gunmetal K90 for years; the black ones are nice and I have a K95 RGB /w MX Blue that I have loved quite nearly to death. But there are lots of black keyboards out there; a high-quality gunmetal keyboard? That is class, right there...


But there is zero chance I could use the MX Speed switches; with the amount of typing I do day in and out, and especially because I developed fairly severe autoimmune (vice osteo) arthritis in my mid twenties; using a non-tactile keyboard is right out. And since I have loved my current K95 nearly do death, I'm going to be looking for a replacement.


Accordingly, if there could be a 95 Platinum in the gunmetal with MX Browns on the horizon, I'll be set; whereas if I can only get what I need in black I need to think about the price premium a little harder.

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