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ASUS A7V880 Freeze


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First my spec:


Asus A7V880 MoBo (Dual channel)

Athlon XP 3000 400FSB

GeForce 5900XT

Corsair TWINX RAM PAIR OF TWO 512 STICKS: CMX512-3200C2PT (XMS 3202v4.1 0432048)


I have tried different graphics cards, stripped out components, disabled everything, tried new fresh installs of various OS's. The RAM works perfectly in two other PC's and when I borrowed some RAM the fault was in one case fixed.


The fault is very similar to one posted by someone else on this forum with the same MoBo, when I try anything demanding, especially 3D games my computer will freeze (allowing absolutely no input) after a few mins. It will sometimes do this on desktop apps aswell. I have tried changing the timings (2.5,3,3,8 if I remeber correctly) to no avail.


Could you reccomend what to do to fix this fault and failing that, reccomend a MoBo that you know to be particularly reliable allowing for Dual Channel full FSB utilisation (Is the MSI K7N2 DELTA-L any good?)



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I got my new motherboard and installed everything. It didnt work so (even though the computer shop said they already had) I ran Memtest86. Lo-and-behold one of my modules was fine, the other gave out several hundred errors. I have since removed the faulty module and my PC works fine. I think I need to RMA this RAM to you. I live in the UK so where do I send it? The memory was a matched-pair set so will I need to return both sticks?
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