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h80i v2 installation and Corsair link problems


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hi people, recently i acquired a corsair h80i v2 water cooling and have things to ask you, because i have some problems with it


1) What is the best way to connect the cables regarding the motherboard, PSU, Pump, usb port.


Motherboard(Asus Z97a Usb 3.1)cpu connectors: cpu_fan, cpu_opt

motherboard fans connectors: CHA_FAN 1, 2, 3 and 4

Usb 2.0 internal connectors: usb1314, usb1112, usb910


Do I connect the radiator's fans to the pump, to the motherboard or to the PSU?

do i connect cpu fan cable, to cpu_fan or cpu_opt connector?

which usb 2.0 would best be to use?

in what connectors put fans case?

What should I choose in the bios? dcmode/pwm/automatic/disable


2) As for the problem, corsair link 4 does not work, i have already installed and uninstalled many times and nothing happens. the radiator's fan spin very fast and thereforce noisy. I can not control them in bios or in operating system (windows 7 x64)

well i hope you help see you

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There are many ways you could install things and to begin with I recommend as follows:

  1. Add your full PC Specs to your profile as specified in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77167
  2. Connect the radiator fans to the H80iV2
  3. Connect the H80iV2 to a USB 2 header, any should be fine
  4. Connect the H80iV2 to the CPU_FAN header
  5. Disable CPU_FAN control in the BIOS. Also select PWN for good measure.
  6. Confirm a speed of about 900 RPM is reported for the CPU Fan
  7. Boot Windows and check the H80iV2 is listed in the USB section of Device Manager and has no error. If there are either fix them or post a screen shot.
  8. Unless Device Manager reports the H80iV2 as working CL4 will never report it.
  9. Post the CL4 [home] screen shot if you wish to ask about temperatures.

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1,2,3,4 items done

item 5: selected sensor pwm

items 6: rpm and others options are shown in CLink 4

item 7: usb device manager has no error

8 and 9 items: not problems


I already did all this and in the pwm mode fans are run at 2700 rpm average and CL4 profiles don't work. I want to clarify that previously CL4 and profiles worked well

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why both fan cables have 4 wires, but one fan only has 3 pins in the plug connector?


Because the Asetek H80iV2 only has one fan controller so can only report one fan speed.


The "missing" pan-3 is the tachometer signal from the 2nd fan.


The CoolIT H110i has two fan controllers and reports both fan speeds.

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Hello, I try almost everything (from the forums) and my own with no results.

I incline to think at this point Software from both vendors ! this should be fix asap.

No so,

good for business.

I will try something new tomorrow and will see, let you know.


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