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h100i V2 poor temps - washers? and temp of radiator?


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With the old H100i v1 and Z87/z97 motherboards some people used rubber/plastic washers under the motherboard to get a better fit with the cooler. I have the V2 and I'm getting really bad temps under load - 85-90 C using Intel XTU instead of the expected 55-70 C range. I'm using good thermal paste (Grizzly Kryonaut) and there appears to be a good connection with the motherboard, but I am using a Z87 motherboard that were known to be problematic with V1 of the cooler due to thickness or something?


Should I try some washers and if so, what exact size should I be getting?



Also, how hot should the radiator and air coming off the radiator be? I have the radiator in push/pull and the air is only very mildly warm when the temperature of the processor is 90 C. In my old water cooling custom loop setup, the air used to be quite warm while keeping the processor cool (below 60 C). The pump is operating fully at performance speed and the temperature of the H100 v2 water will range from about 31 to 35 C under load. As for the radiator itself, it is always room temperature, never warm like my GPU AIO radiator. But I can't easily touch the top or bottom of the radiator since I have a push/pull fan setup - this is touching the sides and what I assume are the pumps.

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Whoops. Original poster slipped through the cracks.


For the original post, I think we need that room/idle coolant temp the judge the amount of heat getting into the system (H100i v2 coolant delta), compared to the obviously too high CPU temps. I agree, the XTU numbers are 25-30C too warm. It does sound like a contact issue, but an unrestrained Vcore could also lead to very high numbers.




Mr_VNDL, there is no specific coolant to CPU core temp delta to look for. This is almost solely determined by your CPU physical characteristics and the amount of voltage to apply to it. My 5930K will have a measly 20C delta at the stock 3.5GHz and 1.0x volts. It will also be around +40C at my normal 4.5GHz and 1.275v. Same types of questions for you. What is the coolant Temp (H100i v2?) when you start and then 5 or 10 minutes into the load? Also list the approximate room temperature - this is the baseline and lowest possible coolant temp.


A few side notes: Thus far a lot of 7600/7700K owners have reported very high CPU temps when in the stock settings and AUTO voltage running synthetic tests. You need to select a specific adaptive (or fixed) voltage to run these synthetic tests or it just keep piling on voltage. Some users have hit 1.40 Vcore on Auto. That is enough to run 5.0GHz+. Also, the coolant temp will only go up when more wattage is applied to the liquid than wattage removed through the radiator. The Kaby's appear to be very energy efficient and do not put out a lot of wattage, even when stressed. They will still have high CPU temps under heavy load, but the actual wattage is relatively low. As such, there may not be a huge difference in coolant delta, even when everything is working properly. The Kaby series, like Skylake before, will be limited by the amount of voltage you can pass through the CPU before hitting the upper temp limit.

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