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Corsair Scimitar & CUE issues


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Recently I've started to notice a delay in my button clicks of the 1-12 while playing Counter-Strike, sometimes as bad a 2-3 seconds. I press the button and then it inevitably catches up. I also play WoW but I don't seem to notice the issue there, so I can only assume it has to do with CS.


Prior to this, my mouses binds would just stop working completely and I noticed it was because CUE was crashing while playing CS. I made sure to update CUE and the firmware of my mouse which seemed to solve the crashing. Although, now this button press delay is more inconvenient than the crashes because I can't just restart CUE.


If anyone has had this issue before with either the same mouse, game and or issue, let me know if it was able to be fixed.

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