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Corsair HX620 Cable Sata power inquiry


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Hey guys. I apologize if this is a dumb question. I am in need of an extra 3 or 4 SATA power cable for my HX620 Psu. I have 2 5-pin connectors currently but i cannot find any 5 pin connectors on ebay. I am wondering if 6 pins would work in the slots i have. Say something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/EVGA-SuperNova-SATA-Modular-Power-Cable-28-6-Pin-to-SATA-3x-/322354149717


The HX620 from what ive seen should be type 3 but i am only concerned due to having 5 pin SATA power and now all i can find is 6pin SATA power along with compatibility for the hx650 but no 620.


Thanks for any help.

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I just solder the suckers up all the time and whack them on a molex connector, I do have my 12V certificate though and have some basic understanding of how to turn off the power, and also match up volts, amps and understand what wires are earth wires and what wires are live wires. If you don't have spare pocket money, the drive contains important info, you don't have another connector to abuse for correct spare parts, or have no electronic experience, heat shrink, solder and multimeter, THEN DO NOT DO SOMETHING SO STUPID!


I recommend everyone gets their 12V for working on home electronics (cough cough my brother in law cough), and always unplug things from the wall first. Stay away from 120V & 240V systems like your house wiring, just in case previous house owner bypassed the fuses and main circuit board switch in your meter box, and some crazy live wire is running through your ceiling out the back of your meter box. At least pull the fuses out of your fuse box (after turning all power switches in there down to off position), as sometimes those switches don't turn off although they might clearly seem to be in the OFF position. Plenty of electricians kill themselves in the ceiling of houses, and DIY dads with jig saws/drills while cutting/drilling through live wiring inside walls. I'm surprised the previous owners of my house are still alive after looking at the black and toasted socket in the the bathroom ceiling where they failed to isolate live wires from one another and moisture, plus did not fit any kind of extractor fan to remove said moisture, leaving me to completely disable that entire wiring rail from the fuse box and remove it's fuse and tape up all the lose ends sticking out of the floor and ceiling.

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