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Corsair AX1500i Problems


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I recently upgraded my 5 year old AX1200i to a new AX1500i, and this PSU is going into a new build of mine. I've been having some problems with random shutdowns. Every once in a while, the PC will completely shut down while I'm using it. It's like someone just unplugged it.


While troubleshooting this problem, I've reset the BIOS back to default settings, and one time, when I was in the BIOS, my PC shut down again. Since this happened while I was in the BIOS, it rules out any software related issues and make me think I might have a short somewhere.


On my AX1200i, it had a self test button to press, and if it turned green, it's all good, if it's red, then something is wrong with the PSU. This newer AX1500i has some upgraded features, like no need for using a dongle to see the PSU in Corsair Link. Also, where the self test button is, the PSU has 2 LEDs. I looked through the manual, and I can't find anything relating to these 2 LEDs besides one is used for the self test function. I'm not sure which LED, and I'm not sure what the other LED is for. All I know is that when my PC is running, one of the LEDs is green while the other one is sometimes green and sometimes red. Is this LED an indicator that I have a short somewhere in my cables or components? All of my cables are custom sleeved so I'm thinking that it might be possible that one of my cables doesn't have a good connection or maybe one of the cables is wired incorrectly.


Can someone please let me know what these 2 LEDs on the AX1500i are used for? Is one green to show that power is running to the PSU and is the other an indicator that I might have bad wiring somewhere or if one of the rails isn't working properly, or is it used for something else? I'd really appreciate some advice.



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