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K95 Non-RGB Macro Problem


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Hey all,


Scoured around but can't seem to find a fix.


I have record some macros on the G keys, just simple ones Shift 1, shift 2 etc...


However, i save them to the keyboard, enable hardware playback and nothing.


They neither respond in-game nor in notepad.


Really frustrating : (

Can anyone help shed some light?

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Can you click the i button at the top right hand corner. Does it show the correct information? (Or take a screenshot of it)


It sounds like the software probably isn't communicating with the keyboard properly.

Can you try it on another computer? Does it work fine?

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The software is not communicating with the keyboard.

Can you also do compatibility stuff for K95hid.exe as well which is found in the install folder? Did it change anything?


Other suggestions;

-Latest Windows, USB chipset controller drivers, BIOS etc.

-Tried a different USB port

-Reinstalled the software.


I'm not exactly sure if the Anniversary update killed the compatibility so it will be best to contact Corsair directly by submitting a ticket.


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