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Corsair refusing RMA on AX1500i


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This has been an absolute nightmare.


1st PSU was delivered, had massive coil whine which made a loud 'buzzing' sound which was unbearable. So talked with Corsair and they offered an RMA.


2nd PSU was delivered, this one was absolutely amazing, it was absolutely silent a stunning PSU. Well after 9 month of normal use the PSU would turn the entire unit off on boot up? If the PC finally booted up it would turn the unit off on idle? We tried switching parts to diagnose the problem and found the PSU to be culprit. So again quite shocked at this I contacted Corsair and explained the problem. Corsair offered another RMA. I politely asked the Corsair staff to check the new PSU before they deliver it out just to make sure its ok. They said yes ok.


3rd PSU was delivered, this one was damaged. The units inputs hanging out of the PSU, the inputs are very loose and yes the coil whine is back with vengeance. This one is the worse PSU one has ever seen in my life the state of this is unacceptable. They didn't even check the PSU after all.


So again contacted Corsair and stated how this managed to get through quality control?


Now Corsair after a week of replying to quite rude staff has refused an RMA and 1st they are offering me a refund which will take 6 week!


This is disgusting tactics obviously they sent a 2nd hand PSU I can tell its used.


Now a week later after they said yes to RMA on the ticket they outright refuse RMA. Sending one round in circles and quite frank round the bloody bend.


Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated I don't know where to turn I thought Corsair had top quality hardware?


Here are the pictures on the poor workmanship of this PSU.



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Corsair has finally offered an RMA. They said also that the new PSU would be checked and certified by Corsair staff over at their HQ before shipping which is great news.


Thankyou ever so much Corsair hopefully we can put all this behind us.

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