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CMX512-3200LL Bad module report


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I have just purchased a CMX512-3200LL module from Monarch Computers, one of your NORTH AMERICA PREMIER ONLINE RETAILERS, a month ago.


I have reason to believe that part is bad.


I know that the modules are compatible with my system because I already have had one identical part installed for over a year now. I thus now have a total of 2 identical DIMMs for a total of 1 GB.


The system is a Shuttle Intel 845GE chipset based mini-system. The BIOS settings are SPD timings and the default clock speed for the 845GE (DDR 333)


Here have been my troubleshooting steps so far.


1. With both the old and new module installed, I was getting lots of system instability. My system would crash almost immediately after boot up - even in safe mode.


2. I decided to reinstall Windows XP to see if I could fix the problem. Windows setup would not complete, complaining about bad files.


3. I removed my old DIMM, leaving only my new DIMM installed. This leaves a total of 512MB. Setup still fails to complete.


4. I remove my new DIMM and reinstall only my old DIMM. Setup now works fine.


5. I once again remove my old DIMM and install the new DIMM. I try setup again and it fails. I try the new module in both DIMM slots and setup continues to fail.


6. I remove the new DIMM and put in only my old DIMM once again. Setup works perfectly again.


I bought this part in North America, however I am now living and working in London, UK. Is it possible to arrange an RMA here in Europe? I am happy to mail the part to either a location here in Europe or in the USA and have you mail me back the part to my address here in London.


Please advise me if there are any further troubleshooting steps I should take or authorize me for an RMA, with instructions for me in being in Europe.


Thank you kindly,


Huu Truc Chu.

London, UK

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I have downloaded Memtest and created the bootable disc to run the test as you suggested.


My BIOS does not allow manual control of the voltage but I did set the timings manually as you suggested.


Running the test with my only my new CMX512-3200LL module installed results in hundreds of errors. I ran the test another time after re-seating the module and still got the errors.


To check and ensure that my system is not at fault, I put in my older module (same model) and ran the test and it passes without a single error. I have run the test twice with the older module with not a single error.


I think almost without doubt now, my new module is at fault.


Please advise me what to do from here.


Again, I am currently located in the UK, even though I bought this module at Christmas time in the USA from Monarch Computers.


I would be perfectly happy if you could mail me a working memory module to my current UK address. I am fine mailing the module to either a US or a Europe address for replacement.


Thank you,


Truc Chu

London, UK

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