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Corsair H80i v2 fans air flow direction


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Presumably you are going to rear mount the H80i. If not, specify where. Most people are going to be better off using the fans to exhaust air out the back. This is the natural design of most cases. Any 1-3C advantage by using external air is usually nullified after 5 minutes as the heat build up in the chassis. This in turn heats the water and you loose your advantage. Also, if you have the tower pushed back toward a wall, that column of air will be much warmer than anything else in the room. This is not what you want for intake air. If you have the option to dump waste heat directly out of the case, take it.


The only downside is your CPU temps might be slightly warmer during gaming or GPU load. This would be true as intake or exhaust and is a consequence of the rear mount position above the GPU. It's just something to be aware of.

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