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Keyboard input lag with EVGA Precision X


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I was struggling for a long time with input lag on my keyboard.


While playing some games I had a weird input lag, with slight delays pressing the buttons, or it would stuck for half a second or not work at all for half a second. Those kind of things.


Now I found out wat the culprit was, EVGA Precision X was causing the problems. I found out about this problem in Watch Dogs 2, and also in Siege, which are both Ubisoft games.


I had the problem in Overwatch too, but I repaired the problem in there by reinstalling CUE. And then the problem was gone. I tried the same for Siege and Watch Dogs 2, but for those it didn't work.


At last I thought it had to be a program causing the interference, and after messing around I found out EVGA Precision was the problem. So might this be interfering with CUE? Is this a known problem? Do more people have/had this problem? Is there a fix coming for this? For me the fix right now is turning of EVGA Precision when I am gonna play this game.


But I thought people should know this is the problem, and also the fix if people are finding the same problem.



The input lag on they Corsair keyboard (K70 in my case) is fixable by turning EVGA Precision X off. That fixed it for me.

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