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400C & 80i front mounting


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Hello guys!


I am owner of Corsair case 400C and about to buy 80i liquid cpu cooler.


Can someone tell me from expiriance if I can mount radiator and fan on front of the case and not on rear because of aesthetic? Are tubes long enough to do that?


Thank you in advance! :)

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Looking at the spec for your case you can fit up to a 360 rad in the front, so an H80i won't be a problem and it quotes the H80i as being compatible. Coolers are designed to fit in much bigger cases than a 400C, so it's unlikely that the hoses would be a problem, anyway if it will take a 360 rad or 3 x 120 fans there should be 3 potential mounting places, so you can use the one that best suits your needs.


My only concern would be whether you would get sufficient cooling through that front panel. The H80i is a comparitively small rad and needs good airflow to work at it's best.

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