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Need urgent help with my all corsair gaming pc


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So i bought a top of the line no expense spared gaming rig about a year and half ago and now im running into huge problems for the second time. Every single part is corsair cause i have had great success with this brand but now im having problems


So about 4 months ago i started getting these little flickers and flashes of parts of my screen and static artifacts and they were every few hours so not so bad , then they started getting worse and worse

also my computer started to restart on its own but not very often.


So since i had sli i tried turning off SLI and using the bottom card and it stopped , so i returned the MSI gtx 980 card and recieved a brand new one and popped it in and kept sli off and used the new one and that fixed my problems.


Now a month later my computer restarts on its own ALL the time "digital corsair ax1200i"

like 6 times a day and its very annoying so i contacted corsair and they are willing to have me send it in.


I havent sent it in yet cause i kinda need my pc for a few weeks longer but now these freaking graphic screen flashes and static artifacts are happening AGAIN and now its both cards even the brand new one! i turned off sli and been using the brand new one only and when it started flickering i tried bottom card and same thing , and my restarts still bad.


So now im thinking maybe the graphics cards were fine all along and something else is causing the flickering and causing the constant restarts. Could it be my ax1200i power supply causing the artifacts problems AND the restarts? like maybe bad power running to them or bad cables? or maybe the x99 rampage motherboard or even the corsair ram? What can cause both these problems together?

i have no second pc to test all this. What should i do guys?

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