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Hangman (for RGB Keyboards)


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I played along with the SDK and ended up in making a small Hangman game with the lights. It's nothing special and I can't claim that the source code is nice, clean and safe but it does its thing. It's done using c++ and some classes of Qt (QString and QVector). To get the words it uses a wordlist (wordlist.txt). The one in the zip (as an example) is that one: http://www.desiquintans.com/nounlist


Do whatever you want with the Code or the Source, but keep the license of Qt (GPU) in mind.


The Game:

It displays the "word" with the numberkeys (example: a Word with six letters: the keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 would glow in a light red) (that results in a maximum word length of 10 characters (words longer than 10 in the wordlist will be ignored))

The lives are displayed with the Num keys.

You can press all keys from a-z. If the key is in the word, the position will light up in the same color as the key (example: word: "well"; 1,2,3,4 will light up. "l" is pressed -> the L-key and 3,4 will light up in blue or something (every right key will get its own color. That way you can tell on wich position in the word the letter is.)).

If you guessed a word OR lost all lives the game will start again with a new word. To close the game close the console window or press Ctrl+C.


Regards, Konachan



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