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380t with gtx 10 series?


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Hi guys, im planning to buy a 380t (i miraculously found one in my country, im very lucky). Im planning on buying a gtx 10 series card (not sure yet which one) and i would like to ask you guys for help. Has anyone done this before? If so, what card did you get and how did it fit? Thanks for the answers :)
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I'm in Australia and despite the model seemingly being discontinued i bought mine a few months ago. literally trying to build into to it today. I've gone for a GTX1060 6GB from gigabyte in a Mini ITX OC version. also happened to be the cheapest option at the time, some how.


I'd suggest combing through some of the specs here Maximum GPU length on all slots is 290mm so you can fit pretty much anything up to the Titan X though you only have two slots to play with for width. be aware the site is also incorrect in that it stats max PSU length is 180mm, it is actually 160mm as evidenced by it's documentation as such in the install guide.


unfortunately I found out the hard way this afternoon when i tried to install the HX750i I bought for the build only for it to stop dead at 160mm as it fowled on the tab for the 3.5" Drive cage. I spent nearly a year buying and gathering parts for this build and I'm not too happy about it. especially as I cannot get any AXi series PSU's for love or money here in oz.


for maximum bang for buck i'd go for a MSi GTX1080 SEA HAWK X or a ASUS GTX1070 STRIX. I was going to get one but after 6 months and still no australian stock, I went the other way and got a H100i v2 instead. very keen to hear what you end up with.

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