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H100i troubleshooting


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I have an OEM-installed h100i that has run fine for almost a year.


Last night, I noticed my PC's gaming performance was much worse than usual, so I rebooted it, and the POST gave a CPU Fan speed error. It also said that the CPU temperature was high.


I poked around in the BIOS, and have read through a number of threads here.


The LED on the pump comes on (steady) at boot, and the radiator fans spin, but the BIOS does not appear to receive any monitoring information on the cooler (CPU fan speed and water pump speed both show "NA" on the BIOS monitoring screen). Several chassis fans do show reasonable RPM values on the same screen.


I checked and reconnected the 3-pin motherboard connector.


After being off for a while, the CPU temperature is around 50C when the computer is first powered on, but rises to around 78 pretty quickly. Clearly it is not being cooled.


Is there anything else I could try short of taking it in for replacement?


System specs here in case it matters:



Thanks for any assistance.

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Post the CL4 [Home] tab so we can see all the temperature + fan/pump speed information.


That requires the computer to boot into Windows, does it not?


The machine will not proceed past the POST.


Also, there is no USB cable attached to the pump. I don't think it came installed (I didn't remove it myself...).

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Firstly I suspect this is a H100iGTX rather than a H100i. Am I correct?


There should be a USB cable attached to the H100iGTX pump block and if the supplier failed to install this this is far from ideal. Were it my system I would get them to fix this as diagnosing H100iGTX issues when this is absent as far trickier.


I guess the H100iGTX is powered from the CPU_FAN motherboard header, is it? Assuming so how is this configured in the BIOS? Post the screen shot.


Are the two radiator fans connected to the H100iGTX Y cable ?

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Yes, it is an OEM-installed H100iGTX.


The USB cable from the pump was never installed, as far as I'm aware. I dug up the bag of "spare" hardware that came with the computer (extra PSU cables) and it was not included with that, either.


The unit is powered from the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard, yes. I checked and reconnected it. The radiator fans are connected to the Y-cable, and start spinning immediately when the machine begins to boot.


The power to the unit is controlled by a "Q-Fan" screen in the BIOS. It was originally on "Standard" (the setting the computer came with, which varies the power according to CPU temperature) I tried several different pre-sets, including the "Maximum", which sets the power to 100% regardless of CPU temperature; none of those made the CPU_FAN POST error go away, unfortunately.


I have just noticed this post/thread:




which says that Q-fan control over the pump should be disabled (i.e. the Maximum setting should be used). That post suggests that letting the BIOS adjust the power may eventually kill the pump unit. That could be what happened here.


It did apparently work fine for about 10 months...

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Yes, the H100iGTX needs a constant + 12 to work as designed and if this is not provided it would well shorten the pump life.


I feel you should contact the suppliers and ask then to fix the system, to ensure the cooler is USB connected and that CL4 reports it.

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