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link fail to detect cha_fan :(:


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Any idea or suggestions . ...:(:


I can't even be sure what a RIVG ROG motherboard is and suspect an ASUS Rampage IV Gene. Is this so? Assuming so then it has several CHA_FAN headers and you need to specify which ones are absent. You should also post the CL4 [home] tab and specify the CL4 verson.


Were you to run my SIV utility (V5.14 or later) and post all four of the initial + Menu->Tools->Sensor Debug + Menu->Tools->Hardware Status + Menu->Hardware->H/W Detail->I/O Embedded panel screen shots I suspect this would give me some insight.


I have just added ASUS Rampage IV Gene support to SIV V5.15 Beta-07 and suspect this will do better. From the SIV release do Menu->File->Download->SIV Beta to get it.

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hey ray, yes rampage iv gene. it has 3 CHA_FANS. I did try to update to v5.15 beta7 your posted method but its still show v5.14.

Its Link ver4.3.0.154

as I stated AIDA64 and bios detecting witch ever header I use but link and SIV only detecting CHA_FAN1 header not 2and 3.

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