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An appeal for bringing back the M90/M95


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I checked the CES lineup and all the stuff is looking really nice, but I was hoping to see a revamped M95 on there and was out of luck. I did a quick search to see if there were any plans for a revival and came across a thread where it was mentioned there that an employee "Corsair Henry" mentioned maybe bringing it up to someone at Corsair. I figured instead of necro-posting there I'd just make a new appeal here.


My sole complaint about this mouse (which seems to be a common thing) is the scroll wheel getting messed up if you got a bit too vigorous with it. I'd gladly sink money into a third one even without that issue fixed.. and I wish now that I hadn't thrown out the ones I had and instead had just attempted to fix them. Since the forum rules say no mentioning competitors by name... I've tried two other mice most recommended to be similar to the M95 and there's nothing that even comes close. I got rid of one of them because the buttons were all so close together and basically identical in size/shape that I was constantly hitting the wrong one. I ditched that mouse for a different one that has a fair amount of buttons and a decent layout... but it still doesn't even come close to my M95.


The layout of those buttons worked perfectly for basically every game I played and I used every single one of them. The amount of counter-knifes I got in BF4 by having melee bound to that little one right in front of the thumb... I was a machine. I can have my favorite layout of melee/jump/crouch/prone/grenade and more all right there and it's perfect. I was never pressing the wrong button, pressing buttons on accident, had a great weight, smooth glide, and was fantastically comfortable.


There's tons of other mice that have the thousands of buttons on the side and even more that just have the two on the side (the M65's sniper button is nice, but, having the only options be 2 buttons, 3 buttons, or 12 buttons.. its a big leap from 3 to 12) but that was a perfect amount of buttons, perfectly accessible, without being ugly, cluttered, annoying, or some off brand.


The software was great too... the mouse I have now is a decent mouse but the software is abysmal. Even if the scroll wheel issue wasn't fixed, I'd gladly pay twice what it used to go for just to have it back. The only new one I was able to find was going for $300 from a store in Japan (sold through Amazon) and... I'll pay $150 no problem, but $300 is a bit steep.


Surely I'm not the only one who's as much of a fanboy of the M95 so it'd be really really great if this design could get revived. The thread from before was (somewhat) recently posted in back in October, but the original posting from "Corsair Henry" about mentioning it to someone at Corsair to bring it back was in February of '16. Hopefully if this gains any traction/supporters Corsair will take notice and realize that they had a really great, kind of niche, and (aside from the scroll wheel) nearly perfect product that I think people would love to have back. Literally, there is no alternative, nothing is as good as that M95 was.


And, bonus, for people who are pretty particular about their stuff... I want my keyboard to match/use the same software as my mouse.. if I had that M95 back I'd be following it up with a new keyboard purchase as well.


If you want the M95 back, please post in here and let them know and lets get this thing back!

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that's exactly the thing though, man.. that button layout was crucial. It makes a HUGE difference. I suppose a certified refurb isn't horrible, but, the idea of getting someone else's previously broken mouse isn't thrilling.. but definitely better than nothing.
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