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512 PC3200 gone bad


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This single stick was purchased ~4 months ago in a PC3200 512x2 package (1gb). The barcode sticker reads



64WQD stk 5542867


Other specs about the computer:


Abit KV7 Motherboard

AMD XP 2500+

350W Power Supply


When both sticks are in the computer, it does not POST, regardless of which slots/order are used. With only the good 512 stick in the machine everything works correctly. However with only the bad stick in, it again does not POST. Switching which RAM slot is used has no effect. I've also tested this with all unnecessary components removed from the machine with the same results.


edit: I should mention this is with stock motherboard settings as well. I've reset the CMOS.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but that is not our part#. I would contact the place of purchase and ask them to help you find out who the module maker is.

But all of our modules will have a lable on them with our name and part#:





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