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Crystal 460X Packaging


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Hi all!


Lately I've been thinking about downsizing my PC case due to various reasons. While I like the look of the Carbide 400C, I've pretty much fallen in love with the 460X.


My only concern is that I may be moving countries within the year, and so I need to consider shipping it around, etc.


My question is; If I kept the original packaging that the 460X shipped to me in, would I be safe to put my PC + case back into that packaging and mail it to myself via courier (eg DHL), or is that a terrible idea that would result in 1000 pieces and me wishing I went with the 400C?


Thanks, and sorry for the ramble!

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It'll probably depend on the weight of the whole case with your components installed.


It may be best to contact customer service and ask what the max weight for the 460X box is.



Other issues would be the need to remove the GPU, any heavy objects e.g. CPU heatsink, securing loose items, and considering insurance for the package.

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Thanks for the reply, Toasted! :)


Sorry, I should have said, I was already planning on sending the GPU separate as I still have the box for it. My CPU cooler is the H100i v2, do you recon that would be safe enough in there, or would you recommend I also remove that and ship separately?


And thanks for the link, I'll contact them! :)

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I got one in the mail today.


the box is packed with the soft foam, like the more expensive GPU cards.


I think it will suffice for moving it.


I think you can leave the h100 in. I moved my pc about 500 kilometres with a noctua dh14 still attached to the mobo, nothing happened. (altho this was not via courier service but in my own car)

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