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Graphite 780T 3 x 120mm Front fans


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Hoping someone can help me.


I've got the 780T and a while ago I tried to install 3 120mm front intake fans. However I was using different fans (2 x Corsaid Quiet White LED & 1 Coolermaster fan). The front mesh would not fit back on correctly as with all 3 fans mounted I'm not sure if the coolermaster fan was slightly thicker because the front mesh kept getting stuck on the bottom, it didn't just go on and off easily.


I've just bought a 3rd AF120mm fan same as my others so should these fit?


The manual states 3 x 120 or 2 x 140 on front.



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It seems most likely the CM fan did protrude in some fashion, although I would need the exact same combination of case and fan to test. The 780 can fit 3x120 in front, so there shouldn't be any serious obstacles. I am not sure if the picture below shows you anything, but if there is a trick, you might also find on one of the 780T owners forums.



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