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H80i v2 USB not working.


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I have it plugged into the USB header on my motherboard and windows 10 won't pick it up. I plugged a controller to the same USB cable internally to the MB and it shows no problem.


Since it's not related to the Link software and I cannot find it it refers it as normally suggested, I can assume the H80i itself is dead correct? Fans are plugged into the correct location to the CPU pin header so that's not the issue.



Need to know before I have to have it replaced. It's less than a year old.

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My specs hardly matter in this case but I listed what is important. Please read what I typed. The USB works internally. So it is enabled.


I can't remember the last time the logo powered up. I set it and forget it. Its pretty obvious I think the units LED is dead. I tried to use this in another machine and it has the same problem. Can't really tell if the pump is working or not to be quite honest. Temps seem good. Nothing other than the fans show activity.


CPU_Fan header is not disabled and nothing monitoring. As stated same problem on my older EVGA Titan X box. I can use the same PC with H100 v2 and it lights normally on same machine.

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