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Discord and VOID Headset


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Hey guys, I know this was a known issue last year, and it seems to have been fixed, but it isn't for me.


I have a Void RGB (The USB version), and am running CUE at version 2.8.7, and the firmware is version 0.16.


I can hear other people talk just fine, but my mic doesn't work with Discord. It works in Windows, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, etc. It just doesn't work in Discord.


I have my Discord settings set to use the headset for Input and Output, but still nothing.


Any ideas?

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I've done that but the enhancements tab still doesn't appear.


I'll have to try the headset with my laptop that is running Windows 7 and see if Discord works.


Edit: Other people in that thread have had the same problem with Enhancements not appearing with the USB version, like I have.



Edit 2: Voice works in the discord web browser, but not the desktop application, like other people were having trouble with also.

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