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Obsidian Series 750D I/O Panel


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I was hopeful someone might be able to offer any advice on how I might

be able to get an Obsidian Series 750D I/O Panel (CC-8930173) to or in Australia.

Parts at this component level are troublesome to source in country.

The main (Front & Centre) power button has failed.

At present I'm jumping off the Power/Reset SW mobo pins.

Not what I would consider a long term solution.

3rd party tactile switches will work but not optimal..

More than happy to pay for the part and freight.

Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.



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Thanks for the reply, yes I have raised a ticket with Corsair.


But thanks for the information I didn't realise I had 2 years warranty with the OEM.


I'd better edit that ticket...


Thanks again.

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I actually registered on here to ask the same question. Im also in Australia and my case is out of the warranty period (2.5 years old). I too have been struggling to get the I/O panel. Corsair suppliers will only supply the part if i bought the case from them. Sadly the case was an eBay purchase and i dont recall the seller, though i did buy it new.

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As I recall when i bought my case i registered on this forum way back in 2014, and at that time corsair george admitted there was a problem with the front panel I/O (USB ports were flaky and loose as and Audio ports were nonfunctional as i recall).


then there was a exchange program put in place for a period. naturally I missed the boat by a few days, oh well. I should probably see if i can source the revised parts (which should be the full USB3.0 version to sort out my hokey ports before i sell the old girl as I'm downsizing to the 380t right now.

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