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Diablo 3 "relative" problem


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Hi Corsair user, i recently purchased a Strafe RGB and i'm loving it. I did some custom profile by myself for all the game that i use more linking the .exe to automatically change the keyboard settings and color. Works for all the games (Overwatch and Guild Wars 2 for example) but now i have a problem with Diablo 3. The profile that i made work well because when i launch the game it is correctly loaded, but after the loading screen my keyboard becomes completely red with "Q-W-E-R and F1" white and react according to my actual skillset. Looks like that this keyboard have a "Predefinite profile" for Diablo 3, but i want to use the one that i made by myself. Is there a way to disable this "Predefinite profile"? Because on the CUE i cant see any option to do it.


Sorry for the poor english but it isnt my primary language and i may have miss-tiped something cause as i said this keyboard is new and my old one was totally different ^^'

Thanks for your attention.

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