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K50 Vengence keyboard 3 blinking lights (caps, num and scroll)

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Hi all,


Since last night my keyboard hasn't worked properly, I get the three lock lights (caps, num, scroll) flashing repeatedly and they keyboard now only works as a standard keyboard. The hot / media keys no longer work nor does the led's. It is also no longer detected by the link software used to program the macro keys etc.


I was googling last night and was advised to try a firmware update but the software doesn't detect the keyboard. It was also suggested pressing the win lock and f1 keys as it might be stuck in bios mode but this does nothing. The keyboard has been tried in other machines and it behaves the same. Is there anything I can do?

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This has just happened to mine, ok I've used this keyboard for many, many years now and it's probably due for replacement but it's a bit annoying!


I take it no one has come up with a solution for this yet? I have tried all the resetting/updating FW/bios mode suggestions I can find but with no luck.

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